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European Citizens' Initiative

Online collection system

The European Commission offers to organisers of initiatives a central system for collecting statements of support.

Its advantages include:

  • minimum preparation (turnkey solution)
  • free of charge for organisers
  • no approval required (the system already complies with technical and security standards – to use the system, you just sign an agreement with the Commission)
  • quick setup (to use the system, simply inform the Commission 10 working days before starting the collection, via your organiser account)
  • in some countries, supporters of your initiative can use e-identification to sign
  • the system is fully accessible for people with disabilities
  • you can also use the system to contact supporters by e-mail (for ongoing communication with them about the initiative)
  • provision of statistics per initiative to its organisers.

For more information, consult the European Citizens’ Initiative Forum  section onHow to collect signatures’.

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