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European Citizens' Initiative

Organiser account

The Organiser account allows organisers to submit their initiative for registration to the European Commission and to manage its various aspects (for example, customising the online collection platform, updating information on financial support or contacting supporters).  

Access to your Organiser account 


For new initiative organisers: 

Once you’ve set up your group, drafted your initiative and gathered all the necessary information, you need to submit a registration request. 

To do so, the Representative of your group of organisers needs to set up a new Organiser account with his/her email address (which will be visible on this website once the initiative is registered) and fill in the required fields. 

Note: The first step of setting up an organiser account is creating an EU-login account. See in the manual below how to pair your mobile phone with your EU-login account to ensure a strong two-factor authentication.  

EU Login manual for the ECI organiser account
(479.81 KB - DOCX)
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