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Bruno Kaufmann, Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe

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Bruno Kaufmann

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Bruno Kaufmann is President of the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe) and directs the organisation as it works to support the development of the European Citizens' Initiative since 2001 with research, publications, educational projects and political advice.

As President of the Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe), Bruno leads the organisation towards its mission of researching and educating on procedures and practices of modern Direct Democracy.

The Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (IRI Europe), founded in 2001, is a European think-tank dedicated to develop insights into the theory and practice of modern Direct Democracy among politicians, the media, NGOs, academics and the public throughout Europe – and beyond. One key result of this work is the first transnational direct-democratic tool: the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), first established in 2011. IRI Europe is today an acknowledged research and educational institute focusing on the initiative and referendum process across Europe.

Bruno Kaufmann is a political scientist who has served in local governments, advised national governments and international organisations. He is also the author of the European Democracy Passport, which includes information and navigators to all aspects of modern European democracy to facilitate public participation across the European Union.

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