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Jana Feherpataky-Kuzmová, Institute for Active Citizenship

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Jana Feherpataky-Kuzmová

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Jana Feherpataky-Kuzmová is co-founder and executive director of Institute for Active Citizenship and leads the organisation towards building an advanced, functional and sustainable civil society, where every single citizen is an active, critical and irreplaceable part of it.

The Institute for Active Citizenship aims to enhance citizenship and critical thinking skills of more than 12. 500 pupils and students in elementary and high schools through training, mentoring and interconnecting the online and offline communities of more than 120 teachers and school directors across Slovakia within the 'Schools Changing the World' program. The project offers a comprehensive range of opportunities for the professional development of teachers and for the development of civic and life abilities and skills of their primary and secondary school students anywhere in Slovakia.

The 'Schools Changing the World' program has been included among the TOP 5 innovative educational approaches in Slovakia for 2019 by the Pontis Foundation and the Slovak Ministry of Education has recommend it in the Pedagogical organisational instructions and in the Guide to the school year 2020/21.

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