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Daniela Vancic, Democracy International

Kraj działalności: EU-wide

Daniela Vancic is European Program Manager at Democracy International and is managing their campaigns for strengthening direct democracy and citizen participation at all political levels.

Emerging 20 years ago from a network of democracy activists that lobbied for the establishment of the European Citizens' Initiative, Democracy International was founded in 2011 as a non-profit association in Cologne, Germany. Democracy International wants citizens to have more political power in decision-making and advocates for stronger co-decision instruments within the EU. In her role, Daniela contributes to the achievement of these goals by organising campaigns, building a European-wide alliance of like-minded NGOs, raising awareness through events and promotional activities, shaping Democracy International’s policy positions through monitoring and research.

Democracy International has helped make the European Citizens’ Initiative a more citizen-friendly tool, in particular in its campaign to strengthen the role of the European Parliament in its response to successful initiatives, for which Democracy International received a “NGO of the Year” award by the Good Lobby Awards in 2018. On a global level, Democracy International organises the world's largest conference on direct democracy, the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.

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