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Dr. Yilly Vanessa Pacheco, ‘ECI from A to Z’ project

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Dr. Yilly Pacheco is one of the coordinators of the Erasmus+ project “ECI from A to Z” through which she promotes active citizenship and the use of the European Citizens’ Initiative among young people and university students in Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Romania.  

The project seeks to increase citizen participation at the EU level by providing students with training on the European Citizens' Initiative. It combines teaching, research, and innovative peer learning activities to develop skills of bachelor and master students in various fields. The project thus empowers students to co-construct, create, and launch their own citizens' initiatives and encourages them to support and engage with ongoing initiatives.

The Erasmus+ project “European Citizens’ Initiative: A Tool for Engagement and Active Citizenship - ECI from A to Z”, is jointly developed by the universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Göttingen (Germany), Iasi (Romania), and Vigo (Spain). Dr. Pacheco is also a Senior Research Fellow and lecturer at Georg-August University of Göttingen.

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