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European Citizens' Initiative

Can your idea be a citizens' initiative?

To have an idea of whether your proposal can be the subject of a citizens' initiative, you must check that it concerns a policy area where the EU has competence and that in this policy area, the Commission has the power to submit a proposal for a legal act.

Among the information necessary to have your initiative registered, you will have to indicate the Treaty provision(s) (article or broader reference) you consider relevant for the action you are proposing.

The Commission is empowered to propose a legal act when:

  • the Treaty article refers to a legislative procedure (‘ordinary legislative procedure’ or ‘special legislative procedure’, except in specific cases where the article provides otherwise (i.e. it specifically mentions that an institution other than the Commission makes the proposal)


  • the article explicitly mentions that the Commission is responsible for making a proposal.
    Example: ‘The Council, on a proposal from the Commission [...]’.

Policy areas and related Treaty articles

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