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European Citizens' Initiative

Video competition

ImagineEU competition

Imagine the change you want to see in the European Union!

How could the EU be an even better place to live? The European Citizens’ Initiative allows EU citizens to come up with concrete ideas for EU laws. The ImagineEU competition gives teenagers the possibility to think of ideas that could one day become the topic of a European citizens’ initiative!

Are you a teacher in a secondary school?
Teacher and students discussing in a classroom

Empower your students to become changemakers!

Encourage your students (of last two years) to create a team of up to seven and prepare a short video showcasing their idea for concrete improvements in the EU. They will need you in the application process and to accompany them during the study trip to Brussels, if they win. The ImagineEU competition gives students a chance to work as a team and develop useful skills to be active citizens, while introducing them to the European Citizens’ Initiative.

To help your students find out about democratic participation in the EU, you can use the educational toolkit ‘EU democracy in action - Have your say with the European Citizens’ Initiative’. The toolkit also covers communication and persuasion skills and provides tips on how to make an effective video. It is available in all official EU languages.

Are you a student in the last two years of secondary education?
Students in front of a video camera

Put together a team of up to seven fellow students and pitch your idea in a short videoGet your teacher on board, enter the competition and, if you win, you will have the chance to visit Brussels and learn more about how EU laws are made! 

The ImagineEU competition gives you the opportunity to highlight something that you think could be improved in your community or country and which could become law across the whole European Union. Make a short video explaining what needs to be changed, propose how this could be done, and then get others to support your idea.

What are the requirements to enter the competition?

This competition is addressed to pupils in their final two years of secondary education/high school from all EU countries. Under the supervision of a teacher, teams of up to seven students can take part and submit their video by 13 December 2023.

Videos meeting the criteria will be uploaded to the competition’s webpage, and a public voting period will open by 20 December 2023. Your team can campaign for its video, inviting friends, family and network to support your idea and vote for it. Public votes will be one of the factors considered by a jury of ECI experts.

This competition builds on the concept of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), an important tool of participatory democracy in the EU, allowing citizens to take an active part in EU policymaking. The competition is organised by the European Commission Secretariat-General, SG.A.1 - Unit for Policy Priorities & Work Programme.


APPLY HERE (until 13 December 2023)


The three winning teams will win a study trip to Brussels, the heart of the European Union, from 21 to 23 March 2024.

During the trip, your team will have the opportunity to meet representatives of European Institutions to learn more about how EU policies and laws are made and how EU citizens can get involved with the European Citizens’ Initiative. 

Eligibility criteria

  • A team should consist of up to seven students at the same secondary school in their final two years (from any EU country).
  • The video should address a topic falling within one of the areas of competence of the European Union – as is the case with European citizens’ initiatives.
  • Each video should be up to three minutes long; produced and submitted in any of the official EU languages, accompanied by a transcript in English.
  • The application should be made by a supervising teacher, who will also accompany the students to Brussels if they win.
  • The teacher should first upload the video to Vimeo or YouTube, and then include the link in the application form.
  • Consent forms for each student appearing in the video, duly completed and signed, must be provided as part of the application.

Award criteria

The 10 videos with the highest number of votes from the public voting will be further evaluated by a jury. The jury will consider the following criteria:

  • ECI-relevance (0-25 points): Is the idea in the video relevant as a topic for a European Citizens’ Initiative?  
  • Clarity (0-50 points): Is the message clear and concise? 
  • Creativity (0-25 points): Is the idea original? Does the team approach the idea in an interesting way?


The competition includes the following stages:

  1. Submission of applications
    16 October 2023 - 13 December 2023
  2. Public voting period
    20 December 2023 - 28 January 2024
  3. Announcement of the winners
    by 20 February 2024
  4. Award (study trip to Brussels)
    21 - 23 March 2024

Application form

Promotional materials

Ready-made communication materials are available in 24 official EU languages to promote the ImagineEU competition.

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